Adjunct Prof. Abed Awad is interviewed in Salon story, “What sharia law actually means.”

Adjunct Prof. Abed Awad, an expert in sharia law and cases involving Islamic Law, was interviewed by Salon for their story, “What sharia law actually means.”

According to Adjunct Prof. Awad, “Sharia is more than simply “law” in the prescriptive sense. It is also a methodology through which a jurist engages the religious texts to ascertain divine will. As a jurist-made law, the outcome of this process of ascertaining divine will is called fiqh (positive law), which is the moral and legal anchor of a Muslim’s total existence. Sharia governs every aspect of an observant Muslim’s life.”

As demonstrated by a recently introduced bill in Tennessee proposing to make following sharia a felony offense, Islamic law is under attack.  How such a bill would be enforced, moreover, the constitutionality of the measure are still up for debate.

“Other than the fact that such bans are unconstitutional — a federal court recently held that a ban would likely violate the Supremacy Clause and the First Amendment — they are a monumental waste of time,” says Adjunct Prof. Awad. “Our judges are equipped with the constitutional framework to refuse to recognize a foreign law. In the end, our Constitution is the law of the land.”

Read the entire interview here.

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