Dean Emeritus Richard Ottinger is quoted in the WNYC story, “Bloomberg backs Indian Point nuclear plant.”

Dean Emeritus Richard Ottinger shared his opinion with WNYC in the article, “Bloomberg Backs Indian Point Nuclear Plant” on the potential risks associated with the location of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant.  The facility, which is located on the Ramapo fault line, and another recently discovered fault line, has come under heavy scrutiny following the nuclear disasters in Japan after the county was hit by massive earthquakes.

“From the time it was built, I felt that construction of a nuclear plant on a seismic fault at Indian Point was a serious mistake in judgment,” Dean Ottinger says.  “The tragedy in Japan confirms that opinion. While the chances of a major accident of the kind being experienced in Japan are slight, the Indian Point plant has been plagued with numerous mishaps and errors of judgment.”

Read the entire article here.

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