“Cops are Stupid, But Prosecutors are Smart” is the subject of Prof. Gershman’s Huffington Post blog

“Cops are Stupid, But Prosecutors are Smart” is the message from the Supreme Court in its latest decision vacating a $15 million dollar jury award for John Thompson, a Louisiana man who spent 14 years on death row (in all, 18 years in prison) for back-to-back armed robbery and murder convictions, write Prof. Bennett Gershman and co-author Joel Cohen on their Huffington Post blog.

Thompson was weeks away from being executed when his investigator found blood evidence on the victim’s clothing–proving Thompson’s innocence–that had been hidden from Thompson’s attorney by a team of prosecutors in the New Orleans Parrish District Attorney’s Office.

Gershman and Cohen call the Supreme Court’s decision one of its “most questionable opinions in the area.”

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