Prof. Cassuto publishes op-ed on impact of the federal budget deal on endangered gray wolf

Prof. David Cassuto has published an opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor on one unfortunate impact of the federal budget compromise struck between Democrats and Republicans: a rider that strips the gray wolf of the protections of the Endangered Species Act.

“There are legitimate policy differences about the ways, means, and even the need to bring federal revenues in line with spending, but this important national conversation has nothing to do with wolves,” Cassuto writes.

He concludes: “Yet in defiance of logic and sound wildlife management, the two sides negotiated an agreement under which endangered wolves will die, and the deficit will remain. As the rest of the particulars of the deal come to light, one thing will remain clear: The true cost of this agreement has nothing to do with money. It will be paid in blood.”

Read the full opinion piece online at the Christian Science Monitor.

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