Was killing bin Laden legal? Pace Law hosts roundtable discussion

On Friday, May 6, Pace Law School hosted a roundtable discussion between international law scholars from around the country on whether the US killing Osama bin Laden was legal.

The discussion included leading scholars in the area, including:

Jordan Paust, who was one of the first to condemn Justice Department Attorneys writing the torture memos as constituting war crimes, but who has defended the US targeted killing in Pakistan
Former UN Ambassador Robert Van Lierop
Beth Simmons, the leading international law empiricist who has written extensively on human rights
Laura Dickinson, who has examined the legality of Iraq conflict on the ground

Pace Law School’s own professors Thomas McDonnell and Alexander Greenawalt also participated.

The debate was covered in the National Law Journal, The Journal News, Patch and others.

The discussion was part of a conference Pace Law hosted on the teaching of international law.

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