News media turns to Prof. Jill Gross for expert opinion on SCOTUS decision regarding class-action securities-fraud lawsuits against publicly traded companies

Prof. Jill Gross, director of the Investor Rights Clinic and professor of Securities Litigation and Enforcement, commented in the New York Law Journal, Reuters, The Guardian and other news outlets on the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling Monday in the case of Erica P. John Fund Co. v. Halliburton.

According to the Law Journal, “The Court struck down a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit that said so-called ‘loss causation’ had to be proven before investors can proceed as a class.”

Gross told the media, “The Supreme Court’s unanimous opinion sends a strong signal that lower courts cannot use class certification as a procedural device to block investors from vindicating their statutory rights.”

Read the New York Law Journal story here.

Read the Reuters story here.

Read the Guardian story here.

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