Prof. Elizabeth Burleson interviewed about hydrofracking on Bloomberg Law podcast

Prof. Elizabeth Burleson appeared on the Bloomberg Law video podcast, where she spoke about the controversial practice of hydrofracture natural gas drilling.

Burleson discussed the risks of hydrofracking, including methane leakage into drinking water. While some states are beginning to regulate the practice, it is currently exempt from federal regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act. she said.

Burleson argued that there needs to be disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking so the public can assess its risk exposure.

“The National Academy of Sciences ought to be doing a full study on hydraulic fracturing so that we have cradle to grave analysis (of the risks, and determine)…Can you actually find ways to make the hydraulic fracturing solutions less toxic–use more benign chemicals. Additionally, how can you try to make it less water intensive?”

Watch the full podcast here.

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