On the occasion of its 5-year anniversary, New Directions program featured in the media

Five years in, the New Directions attorney re-entry program at Pace Law School has helped more than 100 attorneys and remains one of only a few programs of its kind in the country. The media is celebrating New Directions along with its staff and graduates.

In her New York Lawyer column, “Advice for the Lawlorn,” writer Ann Israel responded to several reader comments about returning to the legal profession after time off with information about the New Directions Program for Attorneys at Pace Law School. New Directions is celebrating five years of helping attorneys return to practice.

Isreal writes:

Several years ago I received an email from Pace Law School describing a very unique program designed to help admitted attorneys reenter the practice of law after having been away for a period of time. I was delighted to tell Lawlorn readers about this program as I frequently receive questions about this very subject. And just today, once more, Amy Gewirtz, the Director of Pace Law School’s New Directions program, contacted me again to let me know that the program was celebrating its fifth anniversary. As you will read below, it is one of the only lawyer re-entry programs in existence – what an amazing opportunity offered to those of you looking to get back into practice. And so, happy anniversary to Amy and the great job she is doing; this week’s column is devoted to Pace Law School’s wonderful program with best wishes to all of you wanting to restart your legal careers.

Read the entire column here.

On The Journal News’ “Completely Legal” blog, reporter Rebecca Baker writes:

“Alicia Florrick in ‘The Good Wife’ may have been able to jump back into the work force after quitting law for motherhood, but in the real world, re-entering law after a long hiatus is a challenge.

This is why Pace Law School created a program called New Directions. It helps women and men with law degrees get back into the profession after a long absence, and it helps those who took jobs in other fields find a career in law. It also trains practicing attorneys to take on other areas of law.”

New Directions was also featured on the “Legal Skills Prof Blog.”

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