Listen to Prof. Thomas McDonnell call in on “The Brian Lehrer Show” on the subject of terrorism

Prof. Tom McDonnell called into WNYC’s “The Brian Lehrer Show” today as Brian was interviewing Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst, about the current state and the future of the war on terrorism.

In response to discussion about the International Criminal Court’s recent indictment of Muammar Gaddafi, Prof. McDonnell pointed out: “The reason why the International Criminal Court could not indict other Arab leaders was because the ICC does not have jurisdiction in those countries. The only reason why it has jurisdiction in Libya is because the UN Security Council referred the case to the ICC. So it’s not a question of selective prosecution of Gaddafi.”

McDonnell also questioned whether the Obama Administration was wise to conduct targeted killings by drone strikes against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

“This is a religious terrorist organization which has embraced the ethos of suicide bombing,” he said. “My question is whether this might not ultimately incite more terrorist acts against the United States.”

Listen to Prof. McDonnell (starting at 14:20) here.

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