Prof. Bridget Crawford talks about the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Wal-mart class action case

Prof. Bridget Crawford recently spoke to Campus Progress, a website of the Center for American Progress, about the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Wal-mart class action case. The court ruled that the female employees of Wal-mart would not be allowed to bring a class action suit against their employer for discriminatory practices because they don’t actually constitute a class. According to the article, “Had the case been granted class action status, it would have been the largest class action lawsuit in history, representing up to 1.5 million women and Wal-Mart would have had to face billions of dollars in damages.”

“The Wal-Mart decision is a huge blow to anyone who believes in the law’s power to remedy deep, widespread, pernicious discrimination,” Prof. Crawford told Campus Progress. “The majority of the Supreme Court, in effect, said that too many women claimed discrimination and so their claims could not be consolidated.”

Prof. Crawford also said Wal-Mart is “putting on the ultimate corporate spin,” because of a recent press release that reads, “Every female associate and every customer can feel even better about the company as a result of today’s decision.”

“Everyone should feel better because Wal-mart’s discrimination was so pervasive?” Crawford said. “If the Supreme Court won’t take a stand, then it is up to consumers to tell Wal-mart what they think of its employment practices. Keep that in mind when doing back-to-school shopping this year.”

Read the full story here.

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