Pace Energy & Climate Center’s Jackson Morris quoted on a bill that would increase incentives for development of solar power in NY

Jackson Morris, a senior policy advisor at the Pace Energy and Climate Center, was noted as “a lead lobbyist” for a bill that was pending in the New York State legislature before its June adjournment that would increase incentives for commercial development of solar power in the state.  The report was in PHOTON International, the Photovoltaic Magazine, about solar power.

According to the article, “Those pushing for the bill’s passage point out to politicians eager to create jobs that having a large in-state market would certainly put New York in the conversation about where GE will locate its already announced 400 MW thin-film
module manufacturing plant.”

“We don’t want to oversell it,” Morris told PHOTON International. “But we are certainly not in the running now.”

Read the full story here.

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