Riverkeeper–represented by the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic–sues to stop Hudson River cruises

The environmental group Riverkeeper, represented by the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, has filed a lawsuit demanding that a tour boat company based in the City of Poughkeepsie’s Waryas Park stop operating from a dock there. The suit argues that the tour boat’s presence limits public access to the Hudson River, creates a safety hazard and violates state environmental law.

An article in the Poughkeepsie Journal about the lawsuit quotes Pace Law Prof. Daniel Estrin, supervising attorney of the Environmental Litigation Clinic.

“The public’s right to access the Hudson River from a public dock on dedicated parkland was sold off by the city for a song without so much as a public hearing,” Estrin said. “We have frankly been shocked by how brazen the current city leadership has been about cutting corners, taking the path of least resistance and thumbing its nose at the law.”

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