Prof. Merrill Sobie talks to Reuters about proposed “Caylee’s Law” in New York

Prof. Merril Sobie spoke to Reuters this week about a proposed New York law in honor of Caylee Anthony that would “make it a class E felony to go more than 72 hours without notifying authorities of a missing child and 24 hours without reporting a death,” according to the article.

Casey Anthony, two-year old Caylee’s mother who was recently acquitted in her death, failed to report her missing for 31 days in 2008.

Sobie told Reuters that Caylee’s Law could complicate family court proceedings that arise from civil charges of child neglect.

“It’s more difficult to resolve the case in an appropriate or helpful way with a criminal charge hanging over it. You make it more difficult for the parent to admit mistakes,” said Sobie, who is chairman of the state Bar Association’s Committee on Children and Law.

Read the full story here.

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