New York Times profiles Pace Law student Anthony Desiato, whose documentary will be screened at Comic-Con

Photo credit: New York Times

Rising Pace Law School 3L Anthony Desiato recently was featured in the New York Times for a documentary film he created about the Scarsdale comic book store, Alternate Realities, where he has worked for eight years. The film, “My Comic Shop DocumentARy,” is Desiato’s first foray into filmmaking and was screened this past weekend as part of the independent film festival at Comic-Con, the influential annual gathering of the comics industry and fans in San Diego.

The article describes the film as “a sweet-natured exploration of Mr. Oto’s [the store’s owner] quirky relationship with his shop, his employees and his loyal, foul-mouthed and eccentric clientele, some of them man-cave-dwellers who seem to have sprung from the pages of the comic books they hoard and devour. Mr. Desiato’s collection, of 500 graphic novels and 100 superhero statuettes, is confined to his bedroom at his parents’ home.”

Read the full story here.

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