Prof. Ralph Stein speaks on WAMC public radio about cyber-security at Indian Point

As Entergy Corporation looks ahead to the battle in the coming years over re-licensing the Indian Point nuclear power plant it operates, Prof. Ralph Stein spoke on WAMC public radio today about a newly approved federal plan that maps out protections at the plant against computer hackers, and the possibility of a cyber attack.

Stein, who teaches counter-terrorism and national security law, said, “The Pentagon’s computers, including many that were used to store top secret information as well as personnel information, have been successfully hacked. This is a reality today. The United States Army and the other services are actually engaged in very extensive cyber warfare investigations to determine what can happen and how counter measures can be employed. So when you start talking about a private company like Entergy–and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong there–but these places are probably even more vulnerable when you compare them with the resources of the government.”

Hear the whole story on WAMC’s website.

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