Prof. Gary Munneke speaks about disaster preparedness at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting

Prof. Gary Munneke participated on a panel discussion on disaster preparedness for attorneys at the American Bar Association’s annual meeting in Toronto on August 6. The talk, which was written up as a top story in the ABA Now news service, covered disaster planning, response and recovery.

“Disaster preparedness is cost-effective and easy to integrate,” said Prof. Munneke. “When disaster strikes, there is not time to plan—it’s simply time to react.”

He offered the following tips:

1. Keep disaster planning on the law firm’s agenda;
2. Consider the various forms disasters may take, their potential risk, the problems they may cause;
3. Disaster planning can be as simple or extensive as the risks dictate;
4. Everyone should know what to do;
5. Time is of the essence;
6. People come first;
7. Back up your data;
8. Identify a place to work;
9. Reach out to clients;
10. Share in community healing.

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