Pace Law School’s New Directions for Attorneys program featured in Westchester County Business Journal

The Westchester County Business Journal today published a major feature story about Pace Law School’s New Directions for Attorneys program, now in its fifth year of helping admitted attorneys return to law practice after time off. The article profiles several New Directions graduates now back at work after completing the program, and quotes program director Amy Gewirtz on the tough job market and the importance of networking and recent job experience for job applicants.

“The Pace program is amazing, absolutely amazing,” Shari Rackman, a New Directions graduate, told the Business Journal. “The first thing and probably the most important thing is that you start networking again.”

Now running a part-time solo matrimonial and family law practice, Rackman said, “If it wasn’t for New Directions, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Another graduate, Kathleen Greco, called New Directions “a great program. It’s very good for building your confidence back up – being around other professionals and knowing that you don’t have two heads and you almost kind of blend in still. After 2 1/2 years of being unemployed, you kind of feel you have two heads and green horns.”

And graduate Carol Neiditch, now working as director of pro bono affairs at Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, told the Business Journal: In New Directions, “One of the mantras we kept hearing over and over again was, a lot of us have life experience which counts for something and puts you ahead of the game” when competing for scarce jobs with recent law school graduates. “I found that it’s really true.”

Read the whole story here.

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