Prof. Bennett Gersham comments on a former prosecutor under fire

The Kansas City Star spoke to Prof. Bennett Gershman, a nationally recognized authority on prosecutorial misconduct, for a story about Kenny Hulshof, a former star prosecutor and congressman who is under investigation. The article asks: “Did Hulshof push the rules to win? And in doing so, did he sometimes convict innocent people?”

Over the past three years, two murder defendants prosecuted by Hulshof have been exonerated, while another one is seeking exoneration.

Although he has not studied the specific allegations in Hulshof’s cases, Gershman told the Star that the number of reversals from Hulshof’s six-year tenure was “significant.”

“I don’t think this is something innocuous. … The numbers are pretty glaring,” said Gershman, who has written textbooks on prosecutorial ethics and lectured to prosecutors across the country, including in Missouri.

In their rulings, two judges have criticized Hulshof’s courtroom tactics. In court filings, several attorneys have accused Hulshof of making improper arguments to juries, misstating evidence or, in some cases, telling juries things that he knew, or should have known, weren’t true.

Read the full story here.

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