Prof. Leslie Garfield comments on “Caylee’s Law” in Wyoming Tribune-Eagle

As Wyoming joins a growing number of states considering implementing “Caylee’s Law,” the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle turned to Pace Law Prof. Leslie Garfield for her opinion. The law, named for Caylee Anthony, would make it a crime not to report a child missing. According to the article, “More than a dozen states have announced they are drafting versions of the legislation that is largely a response to the controversial Casey Anthony acquittal earlier this summer.”

Prof. Garfield, who has studied the Casey Anthony case and its aftermath, said the proposed law would apply in a narrow set of circumstances. In addition, she said it would likely not be an effective deterrent since murder or abuse charges carry tougher penalties.

“Basically all this crime is going to do is punish the Casey Anthonys of the world,” she said. “But how many cases like that are really out there?

“This would basically serve as vehicle to try to punish those who in the public’s mind have gotten away with murder.”

Read the full story here.

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