Prof. John Nolon’s blog post on the ‘radical’ faces of climate change published on Grist

Prof. John Nolon’s blog post on GreenLaw was cross-posted on Grist, an online environmental news outlet.

He wrote: “Those of us who believe the overwhelming number of scientists who document and report on the existence of climate change tend to use those scientific conclusions to convince skeptics. There may be a better way. There are a number of institutions respected for their credibility and cautious approach to facts that have adopted this science and acted on the conclusion that climate change is occurring, that it is caused by us, and that the consequences are alarming.”

Prof. Nolon cites as examples the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which now requires companies to disclose material consequences of projected climate change on their business, and the Vatican, which sent a representative to the UN Conference on Climate Change to promote “an effective mitigation and adaptation to ongoing climate change.”

Read the whole post here.

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