Franz Litz Publishes Inaugural Post on WAMC

Executive Director of the Energy & Climate Center, Fraz Litz, published his first article as a regular commentator on WAMC Radio. In the post Litz addressed the issues and opportunities created by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s unofficial plan to close the nearby Indian Point nuclear- power plant.

The Indian Point plant, which sits within close proximity to the millions of New York City residents, has provided clean power to the City for decades. As Litz writes, “Despite all of the worries around nuclear safety, Indian Point has helped to keep the lights on and the air clean for four decades.  Unlike power plants that burn coal or oil or gas, nuclear power plants do not pollute the air.”

The main problem facing the state and specifically Mayor Michael Bloomburg comes in finding a way to safely and cleanly replace the power currently provided by Indian Point. Litz explains that power would have to be supplied by pulling from Pennsylvania’s coal plants or building five gas powered plants in New York State.

As an alternate solution Litz proposes that the answer may be “renewable energy resources like wind and solar.” The closure of Indian Point would provide New York with a unique opportunity to institute clean energy policies.

Click here to read the transcript.

Listen to Franz Litz’s segment on WAMC.

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