CLE program featuring lead prosecutor in the Brooke Astor criminal case covered by the Journal News

“There are life lessons to be learned from Brooke Astor — even four years after her death and two years after her Holly Hill estate was emptied of her belongings and lingers for sale,” wrote Barbara Livingston Nackman in the Journal News. She covered a CLE program at Pace Law School Tuesday night featuring the lead prosecutor in the criminal case against Astor’s son and the family attorney. The prosecutor, Joel Seidemann, is also an adjunct professor at Pace Law School.

Seidemann shared with an audience of attorneys, students, and other interested individuals the important lessons he learned from the case.

“There are pitfalls of lawyers involved in changing a person’s will,” he said. “There are changes (in wills and provisions), and then there is out-and-out theft.” Seidemann warned the audience of 50 to avoid conflicts of interest and urged common sense. For example, changing Astor’s will drastically and putting half her money to her son — through a trust to his wife, whom it was well-known she disliked — raised attention.

Read the full story here.

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