Pace Energy & Climate Center director talks to SNL News about regional cap-and-trade programs

Franz Litz, executive director of Pace Energy & Climate Center, was quoted in an article in SNL News about a meeting of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that brought together experts to discuss emissions from generators in neighboring states, as well as California’s new cap-and-trade program’s “first jurisdictional deliverer” mechanism. The meeting took place on October 11 in New York City.

“The first jurisdictional deliverer approach that California has implemented says that all power that is delivered into the state is going to be treated the same,” said Litz, who moderated the session. “A state cannot reach outside its borders, so it regulates the entity that is selling power into the state that originated outside the state.”

California’s program, with the first deliverer approach for managing emissions leakage, will go into effect in 2013, Litz said. “RGGI is at the stage where they are considering whether they need a similar mechanism,” he said.

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