Franz Litz’s on WAMC Northeast Public Radio: A Clean Energy Future Makes Sense Even If You Are Skeptical About the Risks of Climate Change

In his latest commentary on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Franz Litz, executive director of the Pace Energy & Climate Center, points out that reducing global warming pollution means a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world–desirable even for skeptics of climate change.

He says:

You can look at changing the way we supply and consume energy as a good insurance policy against the real potential that climate change means bad news.  But these measures also make sense in the absence of global warming.

There are lots of good reasons to become more energy efficient; many reasons to dramatically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and increase our reliance on sustainable renewable fuels, plenty of need to preserve forests, to build more livable cities and enhance and preserve the health of human beings.  All of these are key parts of the global warming solution, but we should do them anyway.

Shifting away from fossil fuels means a cleaner, healthier environment. Imagine less pollution in our air leading to asthma, cancer, heart disease or nervous system disorders, and, while we’re at it, climate change.

Relying on domestically available solar, wind and biomass energy means the United States will be less reliant on other nations to meet its energy needs.  Energy independence could render foreign wars unnecessary, saving not only the high cost of battle in the Middle East, but also the loss of life.

Energy independence means economic independence.  Imagine no longer being at the mercy of OPEC oil supply decisions or suffering the consequences of volatile, highly competitive world fuel markets.

Read the transcript here.

Listen to the segment here.

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