Pace Community Law Practice profiled in Westchester County Business Journal

The Westchester County Business Journal is the latest news outlet to profile the launch of the innovative new Pace Community Law Practice.

The Practice, staffed by recent Pace Law School graduates, will provide affordable legal services for Westchester residents who are dealing with evictions, foreclosures, other landlord-tenant disputes, domestic violence and immigration concerns. It will help meet the community’s legal needs, while providing recent graduates wishing to pursue careers in public interest law with mentoring and real world work experience.

The article quotes Jennifer Friedman, director of the Public Interest Law Center who is spearheading the program, as saying: “To be able to have this opportunity to provide that foot in the door is very, very important to us. We recognize that this is a very difficult time to enter the field of public interest law … but it’s a very highly prioritized value here.”

According to the story:

School administrators are hopeful the practice will hire between five and seven people who graduate Pace Law in the spring. The Community Law Center staff would be paid on par with the starting public interest legal services salary – $42,000 according to the National Association of Law Placement – and would be able to work for the center for up to a year. Friedman said there would also be at least one experienced supervisor to mentor the new lawyers.

While much of the program’s construct will depend on the school’s fundraising results, the practice will generate revenue of its own once it is up and running, Friedman added.

Read the full article here.

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