Prof. Ralph Stein talks to the White Plains Examiner about a local police involved shooting

Prof. Ralph Stein spoke to the White Plains Examiner recently about a police involved shooting in White Plains that killed 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

The victim’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., has called for an independent agency to investigate of the shooting, and for police to release audio and video recordings of the events. Police had reported that Chamberlain Sr. went after officers–first with a hatchet, then with a kitchen knife. According to the story, officers said they first used a Taser to try to subdue Chamberlain, then shot him four times in the legs and lower abdomen with a beanbag shotgun before the two fatal shots were fired.

According to the article:

Calls for an independent investigation are nothing out of the norm in cases of police involved shootings, according to Ralph Stein, a senior professor of law at Pace University School of Law.

“It happens almost every time there’s a police shooting and family and friends contest the police version of the events,” said Stein. “It’s just a perennial issue that comes up.” For such an investigation to take place, however, is rare, Stein said. Usually the district attorney will decide whether to bring the matter to a grand jury.

“No system is perfect, but police almost always in this country resist calls for outside investigators,” Stein explained. “They do
not want civilian review boards usually.”

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