Pace Community Law Practice featured in White Plains Examiner

The Pace Community Law Practice, which will officially launch in September 2012, was featured by another news outlet this week. The White Plains Examiner interviewed Jennifer Friedman, director of the Public Interest Law Center and executive director of the Pace Community Law Practice, about this new program.

The article explains:

The tough economic climate is posing two problems that the Pace Law School in White Plains is hoping to deal with beginning in the 2012-13 academic year.

It is difficult for many graduates to obtain their first employment as public interest lawyers and it is also tough for many to obtain legal representation they can afford. Seeking to help rectify both difficulties, the law school will begin the Pace Community Law Practice in September.

Friedman told the Examiner, “The purpose is really to provide training and mentorship and an opportunity for our recent graduates to give real legal services.”

She said not only will the program assist Pace alumni, it will also provide public service. “In this economy, people are really hurting,” she said, adding many struggling individuals who need legal representation cannot afford the fees attorneys typically charge.

Read the full White Plains Examiner article.

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