Prof. Elizabeth Burleson quoted in New York Times about Durban climate talks

Andrew Revkin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace University, published an analysis yesterday on his New York Times’ “Dot Earth” blog of the climate talks in Durban, South Africa. The talks recently wrapped up with a global deal, known as the Durban Platform, which commits nations to negotiating a new climate treaty by 2015.

Revkin wrote: “Some hard realities are being acknowledged as diplomats, scientists, scholars and others ponder next steps following the indeterminate Durban climate negotiations — the latest failed attempt to limit climate risk using pollution-style restrictions on carbon dioxide under a global treaty.”

In considering next steps, Revkin quoted various scholars, including Pace Law School Prof. Elizabeth Burleson, who attended the Durban talks and wrote about them on the GreenLaw blog.

Revkin wrote:

Finally, I like how an approach focused on energy and ingenuity is described in a Green Law blog post filed from the Durban climate talks by Pace University law professor Elizabeth Burleson:

“While we still struggle to agree on what constitutes a timely and robust response to climate destabilization, the topic of innovation is providing common ground upon which to build multilateral trust. [Read the rest.]”

I couldn’t agree more. Considering the “super wicked” nature of the entwined climate and energy challenges, it’s clear that the innovations necessary to build an energy menu that works for the long haul need to happen not merely in the laboratory, but also in education, communication and policy.

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