Prof. Ralph Stein’s participation in celebration of the Bill of Rights’ 220th anniversary featured by Patch

Prof. Ralph Stein recently participated in the the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter of the NYCLU’s annual celebration of Bill of Rights Day.

At the celebration, featured by the Peekskill-Cortlandt Patch, several high school students were honored for their essays on bullying.

According to the article:

Ralph Stein, professor of Law at Pace University, led the students in a discussion about bullying and the role schools should play. One Thornton student shared that she was able to transform her experience as a victim into becoming a “stronger individual who is resilient,” Stein noted, however that, while some people rebound from a bad experience and become stronger, “…not everyone is a Tom Paine.”

Awards were presented to winners of the Bill of Rights Essay Contest. This year’s contest asked students to consider how school administrators should address bullying.

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