Land Use Law Center Managing Director Tiffany Zezula quoted in Westchester County Business Journal about smart development plans

The Westchester County Business Journal this week covered efforts by three local communities to amend their respective comprehensive plans to address shifts in demand and demographics. The need for municipalities to have plans and zoning laws that promote, rather than stall, development, was a recurrent theme addressed by speakers at the Pace Land Use Law Center’s annual conference earlier this month.

According to the article, Mount Vernon, White Plains and New Rochelle are all undertaking assessments of their comprehensive plans, which haven’t been updated in many decades.

The story quoted Tiffany Zezula, managing director of the Land Use Law Center, who spoke at the Dec. 2 Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference.

“Development shouldn’t be a dirty word and I think it tends to be,” she said.

Zezula and more than a few of those in attendance commented on the need for residents and developers to be on the same page.

“Community buy-in is essential for developers,” she said.

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