Prof. Elizabeth Burleson on outcomes from the Durban climate negotiations

Pace Law School Prof. Elizabeth Burleson, who recently served as the legal expert for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) delegation at the Durban climate negotiations, is available to speak to the media.

About Prof. Burleson:

  • She teaches energy law and environmental law at Pace Law School
  • She earned an LLM in international law from the London School of Economics
  • She has published numerous scholarly works about climate change law

Prof. Elizabeth Burleson on the outcome of the Durban climate negotiations:

“The Durban climate negotiations provide a mandate with which all greenhouse-gas emitting countries will commit to a common UN legal regime by 2015. The new Climate Technology Centre and Network is well positioned to enhance environmentally-sound technologies. These developments increase the ability of countries to cooperate to reach Cancun commitments agreed to last year. Energy and ingenuity are core to bringing the Durban agreements to life. While we still struggle to agree on what constitutes a timely and robust response to climate destabilization, innovation is fueling common ground upon which to build multilateral trust.”


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Manager, Media Relations
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Elizabeth Burleson
Professor of Law
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