Prof. John Nolon speaks to Marketplace about “fracking” in the suburbs

The controversial practice of hydrofracture natural gas drilling, or “fracking,” may be coming to a suburb near you, according to a recent story on the American Public Media show Marketplace. According to the story, fracking “is actually making suburban drilling more possible. It’s now easier and less expensive to extract natural gas from populated areas.”

Prof. John Nolon, founder and faculty liaison to the Pace Land Use Law Center, said, “This is a high drama, if not melodrama, that we’re dealing with and I think it rivals any environmental and economic clash that we’ve had to work out in the past.”

According to the story, “Cities and towns across the country, especially in the Northeast, are also trying to come to grips with the issue as fracking spreads to populated areas.”

The story describes Firestone, a suburb near Denver, Colorado where drilling rigs and storage tanks have popped up in recent years only feet away from residents’ homes. This year alone, the state has approved 16 drilling permits within the city limits.

Nearby Colorado Springs has taken a different approach, enacting a six-month ban on drilling.





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