Pace Community Law Practice featured in PreLaw magazine

The winter edition of PreLaw magazine features a story on the Pace Community Law Practice (PCLP), a new program that will establish a law firm within a law school. Staffed with recent law graduates supervised by an experienced attorney, it will provide much-needed legal assistance to residents in the Lower Hudson Valley Region.

The PCLP will also support recent law graduates facing a challenging job market by providing them with practical experience. As Jennifer Friedman, the program’s newly-named Executive Director points out, “We are aware of the need for high-quality supervision in the first years of law practice.” The program is designed to increase the graduates’ chances of finding long-term employment in the near future.

The program will also offer seminars and training to prepare the new attorneys for starting solo or group practices, and teach the hands-on skills required to succeed at a large firm.

The PCLP is being created using a $100,000 donation from David Anthony Pope’s Generoso Pope Foundation. While the school is still seeking additional funding, five to seven Pace Law graduates are expected to be hired in the fall. PCLP Executive Director Jennifer Friedman says, “We definitely need to raise more money to open. We are optimistic we will raise what we need to get started.”


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