Only government regulation can slow global climate change, says PECC Exec. Dir. Franz Litz to his WAMC listeners

In this week’s commentary on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Pace Energy & Climate Center Executive Director, Franz Litz, discusses the need for changes in government policy to combat global climate change.

While individuals and families do their part to decrease carbon emissions by recycling, driving fuel- efficient cars, and reducing waste, those actions have a negligible impact on global climate change. According to Litz, the only way to slow global climate change is to reduce pollution from major companies and fuel sources. The government needs to enact laws and policies to facilitate this change.

Litz concludes, “We need to make climate change an election issue.  We need small groups of thoughtful, committed citizens to stand up for the well being of their children and grandchildren.  Only then will the planet notice.”

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