In a Christian Science Monitor piece about racism and the presidential race, Professor Randy McLaughlin predicts the “nastiest election cycle we’ve ever seen.”

Professor Randall McLaughlin recently discussed the role of racism in the upcoming 2012 presidential election in an article in The Christian Science Monitor.

As election season heats up, racism will become a more prominent issue in campaign advertisements. In response to a viral video circulating on the Internet, racially-charged bumper sticker that depict President Obama in a negative light, have sold out across the web.

Professor McLaughlin said, “We are just beginning to see the glimmers of the racial card being played in this campaign.”

A video, released by the late conservative blogger, Andrew Breibart, depicting President Obama supporting critical race theorist and former Harvard Law professor, David Bell, was intended to be a bombshell in the media. Although the video failed to catch national attention, McLaughlin noted that, “such efforts are designed to turn up the heat on racial issues in this election.”

“We are not in a post-racial America. This is going to be the nastiest election cycle we’ve ever seen,” concluded Professor McLaughlin.

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