Jackson Morris of the Pace Energy and Climate Center discussed solar energy on the “Capitol Pressroom” radio program

Jackson Morris, Senior Policy Advisor for the Pace Energy and Climate Center, appreared this morning on the Capitol Pressroom radio program. During the hour long broadcast (which can be heard at this link) Morris pressed for passage of NYS’s Solar Jobs Act, a bi-partisan initiative that would help New York State catch up with neighboring states in the field of solar energy.
“We’ve got state of the art solar research in New York State,” said Morris. “Let’s have the market also. Let’s not ship it all to other states like Massachusetts.”
Of the solar job “pie,” Morris said 20 percent of the jobs are in manufacturing while the remaining 80 percent would be in local jobs opportunities such as installations. He said the construction of a new proposed power plant in Queens would create 500 union jobs in 30 months.
For more, check out www.nysolarjobs.com

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