Professor Merril Sobie writes about the NYS Family Court as part of its 50th anniversary

The “New York Law Journal” published an article written by Professor Merril Sobie that discusses the history of the New York State Family Court as well as ways that would advance the court’s ability to “adjudicate contemporary family issues.” This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Court.

“Viewed in perspective, as an institution which has evolved progressively over the course of almost two centuries, Family Court has much to be proud of,” writes Prof. Sobie. “At the same time the court remains a work in progress, perhaps a permanent attribute of a tribunal devoted to the family.”

Prof. Sobie is the author of the book ‘The History of New York’s Children’s Laws,’ which has been republished this year to coincide with the anniversary. He is the chairperson of the New York State Bar Association Committee on Children and the Law and formerly served as executive officer of the New York City Family Court.

The full article can be read here.

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