The right to own guns comes with responsibilities, says Prof. Bennett Gershman

Though the right of Americans to own guns has received constitutional protection, do gun owners bear a responsibility, as well?

This is the question asked by Professor Bennett Gershman in a guest editorial published in “The Journal News” as well as their on-line platform, The editorial comes on the heels of the Newtown tragedy but also the publication of an interactive map that identifies which local residents hold gun licenses.

“This is not the first time that a newspaper has published the names of gun owners, but it comes at a time when gun owners are obviously sensitive to the issue, and probably defensive about owning guns,” writes Prof. Gershman. “The furious reaction to the publication of public information that the public certainly has a right to know about recalls the old adage that if you throw a rock down a hole and hear a scream, you know you’ve hit something.”

Prof. Gershman’s full editorial can be read here.

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