Prof. Bennett Gershman does not expect prosecutor’s actions to affect case

The New Orleans newspaper, “The Times-Picayune”, consulted with Professor Bennett Gershman for its coverage of the legal case against Aaron Broussard, the former president of Jefferson Parish in Louisiana. Prof. Gershman, an expert in prosecutorial misconduct, was quoted as saying he did not think any of the issues raised in a recent petition filed by Broussard would affect the government’s case against the politician.

“The misconduct committed had no bearing on the prosecutions, and I don’t see any danger to the government cases,” Prof. Gershman is quoted as saying in the article. “The prosecutors’ actions, he added, ‘should be disciplined and punished separately. But there’s no way I can see any prejudice to the defendants from what the prosecutors did.'”

The full article can be read here.

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