Jason Foscolo, JD ’02, guides a new class of food entrepreneur

Pace Law School graduate Jason Foscolo (JD ’02) has carved out a niche for himself as a food and agricultural lawyer, guiding food entrepreneurs through the maze of pertinent state and federal laws in this highly regulated industry.

“One of the only sections of the economy that is growing is food processing,” he is quoted as saying in a recent feature article in “Edible East End.”

Mr. Foscolo says there have always been food lawyers, but they worked for the major conglomerates. Now it is the smaller businesses who are venturing into the field and needing legal advice.

“There are 22 people dunking cucumbers in salt and making a living at it. I love that,” he says, referring to the New York City pickle industry.

Foscolo will be co-teaching a CLE at Pace Law School on March 13 titled, “Survey of Local Food Law.” For more information, contact Linda Maccarrone at 914-422-4062.

To read the article in the “Edible East End,” click here.

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