Prof. McLaughlin comments on NYS Republicans’ reaction to Gov. Cuomo’s nominee

Professor Randolph McLaughlin, a civil rights attorney, commented for on the backlash Gov. Andrew Cuomo has received stemming from his nomination of law professor Jenny Rivera to the New York Court of Appeals. Confirmed by the NYS Senate by a voice vote, Rivera is the first judge appointed to the Court of Appeals straight from academia and without previous experience on the bench.

As Pete Brush writes in his article: An expert in Hispanic and women’s civil rights issues, Rivera replaces the court’s first and only Hispanic judge, Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, who was forced to retire at the end of 2012 after reaching the age of 70.

“The Republicans were trying to send Cuomo a message, that they’re not a rubber stamp. My gut instinct tells me, given the range of folks he has in the wings, that Cuomo will pick a sitting judge next,” Prof. McLaughlin is quoted as saying in the article.

To read the piece, click here.

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