Prof. Thomas McDonnell comments on U.S. Justice Department’s memorandum on use of drones

With the release of the memorandum from the U.S. Justice Department that authorizes drones strikes on American citizens, national security expert Professor Thomas McDonnell was a guest contributor to the “International Law Prof Blog.”

“The Justice Department’s legal memorandum authorizing drone strikes to kill American citizens in foreign countries establishes vague and overbroad standards and creates a dangerous precedent for unchecked executive power,” writes Prof. McDonnell.

He adds, “Furthermore, the Justice Department should recognize that the broad executive discretion it asserts will be used not just by this administration, but by future administrations and that this broad authority to kill virtually anywhere on the globe will be exploited not just by the United States, but by other nations, possibly including Russia, China, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea.”

To read Prof. McDonnell’s entire essay that was published on February 12. 2013, click here.

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