The New York Times takes a look at New Directions, unique program for lawyers returning to the work force

Pace Law School’s innovative program, “New Directions,” was featured in The New York Times in an article titled, “From Stay-at-Home Moms to Back-to-Work Lawyers.”

The piece spotlights three graduates of New Directions, a program that helps lawyers who have been away from the legal profession for several years find a way back to full-time employment. Typically women who stayed home to raise children, the lawyers participate in refresher courses and internships to prepare them for new chapters in their careers.

In one on the interviews, Cheryl Schacht answers the question: What about that 15-year gap in your résumé?

“I thought to myself, ‘I’m not confident enough to put myself out there.’ They said don’t ignore that period, don’t be ashamed, you need to say you were a full-time caregiver for two children. You were a class parent, a fund-raiser, on the hiring committees for the school district, you worked at church, you’re still a vibrant person,” she said.

To read the full article, click here.

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