Can the name “Jesus” be trademarked? Prof. Ann Bartow comments in a piece picked up by AP

In a story distributed by the Associated Press, Professor Ann Bartow comments on a trademark case. Originally published in the Redding, CA newspaper “The Record Searchlight,” the case involves whether someone can trademark the name “Jesus”

An Italian clothing company, Jesus Jeans, registered the word “Jesus” with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2007 but now a California musician is using the name “Jesus Up” for a different clothing line with the profits going to help the needy. The musician, Jeff Lamont, objects to someone trademarking the name with the intent of turning a profit. Prof. Bartow comments, however, that “profit” is not the legal standard.

“The standard is the likelihood of confusion,” Prof. Bartow says in the article which can be read here.

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