Times-Picayune quotes Prof. Bennett Gershman on unexplained actions by U.S. Attorney’s office

A high profile case in New Orleans came to an abrupt end when the U.S. Attorney’s office decided not to file charges after they had already invested millions of dollars and four years of investigative work. To date, they have provided no explanation.

In its coverage of the story which details the presumed defendant going on the offensive and exposing inappropriate behavior on the part of the prosecutors, the “Times-Picayune” quoted Professor Bennett Gershman, a former New York City prosecutor:

“Transparency is important here,” Gershman said. “I would hope the Justice Department does reveal some of the reasons why it decided not to continue with the prosecution. You’ve got persons who have been charged with serious crimes. That leaves people with serious concerns about the integrity of the justice system. People lose confidence when they see something like this happen.”

The full story is available here.

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