Equality in the workplace will require policy changes, says Prof. Darren Rosenblum

Professor Darren Rosenblum points towards examples set by Scandinavian countries as ways to address the continuing inequality in corporate careers. In a piece he wrote for “Huffington Post”, Prof. Rosenblum points out that women comprise more than half the graduates of top schools yet they continue to be underrepresented within the top echelons of business. Men continue to be unable to take family leave, for example, without it jeopardizing their careers. Prof. Rosenblum attributes this to “structural discrimination” and calls for policy changes to address the disparity.

“Given how entrenched sexist roles are, only if the state ‘leans in’ to shift public policy and expectations will people be permitted to contribute to work and family, without regard to one’s sex,” he writes.

The full article is available here.

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