New York Times seeks opinion of Prof. Bennett Gershman on case involving Queens DA

A defendant was granted a new trial after a judge threw out the conviction citing the conduct of the Queens district attorney’s office. As reported in “The New York Times,” which quoted Professor Bennett Gershman, Justice James P. Griffin of State Supreme Court in Queens, N.Y. cited the failure of the district attorney’s office to share information that could have been valuable to the defendant’s case. The defendant has already served 13 years in prison.

The article refers to a “Chinese wall,” a term used by the district attorney’s office to describe the practice of not sharing information in some instances.

“Whether it’s playing around with the wall or playing games with Miranda rights the way they have done, it raises serious questions about the ethical conduct in that office, and the culture in that office, which appears to be the end justifies the means,” Prof. Gershman is quoted as saying. Prof. Gershman is a former New York City prosecutor.

The article can be read here.

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