New York Law Journal spotlights the Pace Community Law Practice

The “New York Law Journal” shined a spotlight on the Pace Community Law Practice, a “low bono” practice where four fellows, recent Pace Law graduates, provide high quality yet affordable legal advice.

The article coincides with the recent visit of Judge Jonathan Lippman who helped celebrate the success of the PCLP.

“At an April 4 event celebrating the program’s successful first seven months, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman called Pace a ‘leader and model’ to law schools around the country,” reads the article in the NYLJ. It continues, “‘Pace’s work supports these individuals by giving them the business management skills they need to start their own practice while helping to fill the justice gap and fulfill the needs of the low-income community,’ Lippman said.”

The article, posted to the New York Law Journal’s site, can be read here.

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