PBS invites Prof. Mushlin to comment on documentary about solitary confinement

When PBS aired the film “Herman’s House,” a documentary about solitary confinement and its effects on prisoners, Professor Michael Mushlin was one of six professionals invited to provide a response. Professor Mushlin’s scholarship focuses on prison reform.

“We, the people, are responsible for our prisons and what happens in them. When the public sends the message to stop the widespread use of isolation, America’s solitary cell doors will open and we will have a prison system more worthy of our nation—one that no longer hides men and women suffering silently and unnecessarily in those dark, oppressive solitary confinement cells,” says Professor Mushlin in an excerpt from his response.

Professor Mushlin’s full statement is available here. The documentary is accessible for on-line viewing via the PBS website until August 7, 2013.

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