Prof. Mushlin writes about overuse of solitary confinement

The “Albany Times-Union” published an op-ed written by Professor Michael Mushlin and Commissioner Martin Horn that spotlights the “inhumane” use of solitary confinement. Professor Mushlin, as expert in prison reform, partnered with Commissioner Horn, the former Commissioner of Correction for New York City, argue the dangers of the practice as well as its excessive use in New York and California. Both states have been named in law suits stemming from their excessive use of solitary confinement.

“An estimated 80,000 prisoners in this country are living close to 23 hours a day alone in their cells, many deprived of meaningful stimulation. These extreme conditions cause such suffering they have been called ‘torture.’ For the young, the mentally ill, and other vulnerable prisoners, extreme isolation is especially dangerous, often leaving permanent psychological┬ádamage.”

To read the entire op-ed click here.

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